Welcome to Membership Platform. We want to be your membership software.  We are working hard to make sure that it works so well and intuitively that you don’t even have to think to use it.

Here is the story of Membership Platform came into being…

I started my first membership program in 1990 believe it or not. Back in the day when the Internet was just a bunch of bulletin boards and squelching modems and if you have dealt with memberships before, you can understand that my frustration started right then and there. After fighting with dozens platforms from then to present day, here was my wish list of things that a membership platform had to do.

  1. Be easy to use and set up in under 5 minutes for a basic membership site.
  2. Have unlimited free, trial, and paid membership levels.
  3. Be able to drip content if I wanted to so that a new member would not have access to all of the material that an older member that has paid more money has access to. This also helps if you are doing a training to force your members not to get overwhelmed and to follow your process so that they will be more successful.
  4. It HAD to work with seamlessly with any WordPress site that I had set up. And that means any theme or site on WordPress could instantly become a powerful Membership site.
  5. Had to cost under $20 bucks a month no matter how many members I had.  Even if I had thousands of members I did not want to have to pay extra because I was successful.
  6. It had to be be bullet proof and coded correctly.
  7. I wanted to know that it would be updated with new features and that it would work the way it was supposed to at all times even when WordPress had one of the updates.

Well guess what? Since then I have yet to find a membership platform that fully met these requirements that is publicly available.  But, we did develop one nearly 4 years ago for our own use that came pretty close to meeting all of these criteria.

So we started from scratch Membership Platform is here. With your help the beta version will be the standard for Membership Software.

So, if you have not done so already, down load your free 21 day FREE Trial and try it out.

The key to being successful is to get a finished product going and out the door and wait for you customer feed back. We want to hear from you!