The Big Picture



The Story

Membership Platform was built for us to use on our own membership sites and ones that we set up for our clients. Our team has worked on lots and lots of WordPress sites and membership sites for people all around the world for quite a few years now.  We needed a membership plugin that had to work and not get hung up.  We did not want to just create a good one, we wanted to set the standard for Membership Software and Membership Training. 

But, before we got there though, I have to tell you that the only reason we ended up building Membership Platform was simply because I was forced to work with all of the crappy, horrible, pieces of membership software out there.  I was a total newbie and I really wanted to get my membership site up and running quickly. Well, was I ever in for a surprise.  They were not easy to use, they were expensive, they broke a lot, and it was not fun. But, as bad as they were, I was grateful because the light bulbs went off as to how really powerful Membership and Continuity Programs truly are.  So, I persevered and finally got my first site up and running one month of 10 hour days later.  Out of this I knew that that there was a better way to do this and one day I would put together software that did everything that I wanted easily.  So, I have to give a big thanks to the many, many junky membership programs that I was forced to use and that surprisingly enough are still out there!  Thank  you!

Now back to the rest of how we got here.

As we provided WordPress support globally and  worked with every single piece membership software out there and when we mean work, that means fixing sites using them when they broke, we knew where all the flaws and the hangups were and that there was a screaming need for membership software that was super simple to use, super robust and did not break which is why we built Membership Platform.

With Membership Platform you can literally get your site up in one sitting. You do not have to know any coding or be a WordPress whiz.  

If you know how to do a post or page in WordPress, then you can be a Membership Platform Master in 10 Minutes hands down. Plus, we have videos for each and every step. If you watched the three videos above, then you probably won’t need any more help getting your membership levels setup, your content in place, and drip fed any way you want.  It really is that easy.  But, don’t you think that is the way it should be?

We just wanted membership site software that allowed us to concentrate on our Members, not on hassles with software that drives you crazy. If you have spent any time working with Membership sites, we bet you know what we are talking about.  We have felt your pain.

Not only are we dialed into WordPress and good software, but we are also fanatics when it comes to helping you concerning membership sites and continuity programs.  We live and breathe them and understand just how powerful they are when it comes to your business profitability.  They can dramatically improve your bottom line like no one other thing you can do.

From people just starting out and working part-time that want to add $1,000 per month to their income, to large corporations that want to new revenue stream with a very small investment and huge potential gains, we work with them all around the World.

If you are ready to take your Membership Sites to the next level, then you owe it to yourself to give Membership Platform a try. We know that you will be glad that you did!

The Membership Platform Team