4 Bullet Points

Works On Your Site On Your Server

Membership Platform works on YOUR WordPress website on YOUR server. You don’t have to worry about a hosted membership platform where other people may have access to your proprietary and valuable information.  You have complete control of your site!


Unlimited Membership Levels

You can have as many different Membership Levels as you like.  We do not put a limit on them. They can be Free, One Time, Or Recurring. Membership Platform give you the ability to have recurring billing for a specified period of time. Both recurring and single payments can also include a free or paid trial period for any length of time you like.


So Easy To Use And Fast You Will Be Amazed

Membership Platform is easy to use. Most functions are click and save. Adding content to a Membership Level and Dripping information can all be done in under 7 seconds! Membership Management is a breeze.


Unlimited Members Give You Unlimited Potential

You can have as many members as you like and there is really no limit and we do not charge you more if you have 100 or 5,000 members. They can be any mixture of Free or Paid members as well.