Frequently Asked Questions About Membership Platform

 Can I Really Try The Membership Platform For Free?

Yes you can! You can get the full version of Membership Platform plugin for free. It comes with forum support.  We are available if you need customized support or need things modified as well.

 Will It Work With My Theme?

Yes, it more than likely will! It will work on any decently programmed theme. If it is a junk theme, then it probably will not. 🙂

 Can I Use My Normal Plugins?

Yes you can! It will work on any decent programed plugin. However, most free plugins are programmed poorly and can cause security holes. So as a rule of thumb, the less plugins you use on your site the better off your are. Your site will normally run faster the less plugins you have which can help your SEO as well. Plus every plugin you have adds to possible ways to be hacked. So, you should always try and keep your plugins to the bare minimum.

 Do You Offer Installation?

Yes we do! We offer installation on your WordPress site. There is a one time fee of $10. That is it! We try and get installations done within 72 hours, but we like to shoot for same day service depending on the backlog.

 Do You Offer Customization?

Yes we do! We offer complete customization on your WordPress site and Membership Platform. Feel free to contact us with what you have in mind.

 I can have 25,000 Members Or More?

That is correct. We do not charge more just because you are more successful. The only issue we have seen is that you may need to bump up your server capacity if you get tens of thousands of members. But this is a good thing!

 Can I Offer Free And Paid Trials?

Yes you can! You can offer as many free and paid trials as you want.


 You Will Really Set Up And Build My Membership Site For Me With A Design I Like For Only $99 And Then Host It,  And I Get Upgraded Support All For Only $24.99 A Month? Really???

Yes REALLY!  While you can pay easily pay 10x what we charge a month.. and have to build it yourself,  We only charge $99 to build out a customized Membership Area and then host it on our super powerful virtual servers and offer the best customer service on Earth.  Plus, we also offer our 30 day money back guarantee after we get you set up and running.


 Does It Integrate With PayPal In Just A Few Minutes?

Yes it does! Just a couple of clicks and you are good to go with PayPal payments.

 Does It Integrate With Stripe?

Yes it does! Just a couple of clicks and you are good to go.

 Does It Work With JVZoo?

Yes it does! Just a couple of clicks and your products are integrated with the JVZoo affiliate program and Market Place.

 Does It Integrate With Get Response?

Yes it does! Just a couple of clicks and your members are integrated with your Get Response auto-responder when they sign up as a member. We even have a free 30 day free trial if you do not have an account with them. We have tried all of the Mails systems out there and as of this time, Get Response is head and shoulders above the rest with the ease of use and integration with WordPress and Membership Platform. From a programming standpoint, there API actually makes sense.

 Why Is It Only $2.99 Per Month For The Plugin?

First off, don’t you think that is a great price? There are several reasons for us giving a 3 month free trial and only charging $2.99 per month.  Here are just some of the reasons why we only charge so little for such a superior product.

As business consultants, we know of no other single thing that can bring in as much profit for nearly any type of business as membership and continuity programs.  Nothing else even comes close.  Yet, only a small percentage of businesses have them and then only a small percentage of those are maximising their potential profits.

What this means is that those businesses such as yourself that actually build a membership site and then set it up correctly have a chance to profit like you would not believe and dominate your market.

Another reason is that we would rather make a smaller margin on a lot of customers than a bigger margin on just a few.  Less risky that way for us. Common sense right?  Well as you have probably already found out, common sense is not all that common these days.  Just apply it to your membership site and you will be ahead of the herd.  Plus, we will probably raise our prices here in a bit, so grab it now while you can!

Now here are three other reasons as well.

1. We truly understand Membership and Continuity programs. When you truly understand just how powerful Membership Sites And Continuity Programs are are, you will understand our pricing model. We actually use the Membership and Continuity pricing model ourselves as you can see. How could we possibly say we understand Membership and Continuity Programs and not offer our own Membership Software using that same business model? We couldn’t and keep any credibility about saying we truly understand and believe in Membership Site and Continuity Programs if we did not use them ourselves now could we?

2. We know how tight things can be when you are first starting out and we wanted to make Membership Platform affordable to everyone. We have been there ourselves. We started out with barely two nickels to rub together ourselves.

3. We want to make sure we are the best Membership Software Platform out there and we know that you don’t have to charge an arm and a leg for great software like Membership Platform these days, if you know what you are doing!

In fact, when you sign up for our training, we give you the inside scoop on how you can use this same model to become the market leader in your niche.

“Any Membership Software that does not sell their own membership software on a Membership or Continuity Program does not fundamentally understand the power of Membership Sites and Continuity Programs period.”

We live eat and breath Membership Sites and Continuity Programs. Many of the other membership programs out there are just a bunch of programmers, not marketers and true business people that understand what they are selling. Therefore they do not understand the things that your Membership Platform and Continuity Program should do and their platform is going to suffer because of it.

It is like going to a restaurant where the chef will not taste or eat his/her own food. Would you want to eat there? Because you can sure count us out on ever taking a bite! You see we not only build the software, but we also provide full turn-key Membership Sites and Continuity Program builds to our clients. From installation, to Marketing, to ongoing Management and we love doing it!

 Do You Offer Consulting?

Yes! We offer a full range of consulting services on both Membership Site and Continuity Programs. Please contact us and let us know what you are trying to do. We can help you explode your business.  We have been specializing in setting up Membership and Continuity programs since 2007 and have worked with huge sites and sites for Entrepreneurs that are just getting started with the Laptop in the Bedroom as night.  We have been there and done that.  We can help explode you business and show you how to truly make money while you sleep. We can help you just a little or a lot depending on your needs.  We do Strategic Coaching, Marketing, Layout, Design, and Implementation from soup to nuts.  If it has anything to do we Membership Sites, Continuity Programs, or SaaS, we know it, inside and out.

 Do You Have Turn-Key Membership Sites?

Yes we do! We have packages starting out at just $99 for a one time fee or as low as $24.99 per month. That is about 1/5th the other guys charge. Check out our packages!