Meet Some Of The Team!

Here is some of the team that is bringing you Membership Platform!

[divider] Andrew [/divider]

Andrew has been creating things online since the late 80’s and has been involved with various projects with the Microsoft, IBM, Apple, and other Fortune 500 companies.  All of which pounded home the reality that he was never going to fit in a restrictive environment where he could not come up with a solution to a problem and immediately implement and fix it right then and there that same day. Having to go through committees and wait for months approval to do common sense things is not his cup of tea.

He set up his first version of a Membership Community over two decades ago and then the light-bulbs truly went off in 2007 and he began focusing on Membership Sites and Continuity Programs. You are seeing the results here.

[divider] Dan [/divider]

Dan is a programmer extraordinaire who has built some of the most complicated and sophisticated WordPress installations and plugins that have been built to date. Honing his skills as a WordPress Help Desk fix-it man by working on and fixing hundreds of sites and plugin issues, this gave him the insight of how to truly build elegant and functional WordPress code that runs like a Porsche and yet is tough and dependable as a Ford Pickup truck.

His innovations and wonderful simplicity for solutions are on display here.

[divider] Lisa [/divider]

Lisa trained as an accountant and attorney is the glue that holds things together.  Here experience in organizations from high tech data delivery, to the aviation, and small business gives her the insight to help bring together organizational systems that work for large and small businesses alike.  She helps keep the company and our customers pointed in the right direction for maximum profitability.