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Would you like to become and affiliate for a great product and make money?  Great, because if you would like to become an affiliate, please sign up through this link.  We pay a generous 20% on most of our products including recurring ones for up to 3 years. While others may pay a bit more, our clients stay with us for years. With the exception of our best selling product, Quick Start Membership Course we pay out 100% commissions.

We pay monthly and on our continuity programs we pay our affiliates for a full three years for the customers that you bring us.

We have a great price for fantastic products that once people sign up for, they stay signed up for a long, long time.  Our retention rate is so high, you would not believe us if we told you.



Joint Venture Partners

Do you have a large list or group that you would like to promote too, or have another idea for us on how to user our product and services?  Great, we would love to hear from you.

Perhaps you need help on putting together a large membership site or continuity program?  If so, we do off partnerships and consulting programs.