About Us

We build highly usable solutions for ourselves, then share it with people like you!

You have heard of “necessity is the mother of all invention” right?  Well that’s certainly the case here as well.  We love WordPress and we like building nifty tools to help us make our websites look better and do really neat things.

Who We Are

We are a group of guys that absolutely love WordPress.  We are not only provided support for hundreds of sites, but we also build sites and plugins from scratch.  Or work is not outsourced to someone else.  Which probably explains why it works most of the time.

One of our specialty has become and is membership sites and continuity programs.  Not just of building them but in the theory and the application of how to run them successfully.  Membership sites and continuity programs are an obsession with us.

Because we been working with WordPress and online Membership sites since 2007,we’ve seen a lot of changes.  We have worked on hundreds of websites, built dozens of plug-ins and created other useful tools.  But one thing has remained constant and that is there is a bunch of junk out there.  From the list of plug-ins you name it for everyone good product there’s 100 that absolutely suck.  If you dealt with WordPress before perhaps you can relate to this.  You spent hours or days or even weeks putting a site together and then something it breaks inexplicably.  It leads to hours of frustration and you can lose tons of work.  Which at the end of the day costs you money.  So like any good doctor our first goal is to cause no harm. 🙂

Now were trying to be just a little bit funny here, but in all seriousness that’s the truth.


“Thou shall not make software that sucks…”

While we understand no software is perfect, we could never understand why software was released that people know what’s going to break or had not been tested so that works at least 95% of the time.

Have you ever purchased a theme or got a plug-in that once you install it worked great for about two minutes then proceeded to blow everything up?  If so, we can feel your pain.  If it hasn’t happened to you then you must be brand-new at this game.

It literally boggles our mind that the the majority of Themes and Plugins for WordPress are so bad. So, we are endeavoring not to write software that sucks.  Not always sucks but is absolutely mind blowing in it’s simplicity and how well it works.  We don’t just want to have good membership software we want to be the gold standard by which every other piece of membership software and continuity programs are graded by.  Our plan is to dominate the industry in both software and in state-of-the-art training.  This is because we know that probably more than anything else that a business can do it they can successfully implement a membership site and the continuity program with their goods or services it can drastically change the profitability margins for that company virtually overnight.