This is a comprehensive three month course where you will learn the ins and out of how you can build Profitable Membership Sites.  This is a no holds barred training program with practical How-To’s so that you can build your very own profitable Membership Site.   Membership Sites for Online and Brick and Mortar businesses.  You will learn concepts and secret techniques that we have learned from both that you can use in your business.   How to get the basics set up for your site. What membership levels do you have to have? How to get your members to stay on for years and year. How to get your members to gladly pay you a premium for your goods and services. Secret Techniques to get your Membership Site set up on Auto-Pilot. How to get people flocking to your site without paying a lot of money on advertising. Secret techniques and a blueprint to get set up and rolling in less than 48 hours.   You can get this course for only three payments of $97.  Then you will get a 30 day free trial of    The Membership University for You.  Check out our other advanced courses, training, and coaching programs that can help you take your Membership Site past $25,000, $50,000,and even $100,000 per month.

Package Details:

Recurring payment until you cancel
Trial period for 3 months for $97.00
Payments: $27.00 each 1 month