Here are just some of the new regulations that we are going to discuss:

1. The rule that allows the FCC to freeze all of a companies and it’s officers assets. There are test cases where this has been done to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, but this has not really been picked up by the media.

2. New rules for any automated billing including Membership Sites, Continuity Programs, and SaaS that if you don’t follow can put you out of business in a hurry. And why most of the Membership site software out there “used as is” can get you in big trouble in a hurry as of 2015.  There is only one piece of Membership Software that we know of helps you with compliance!  Nearly every single one out there (including the biggest ones) could be helping you get nailed by the FTC.

3. New guidelines for running online ads that are easy to comply with but at the same time you may be violating them already.

4. Why your web disclosures on your website by themselves are no longer enough and why you may be setting yourself up getting nailed by the FCC.

If you have a membership site. continuity program, or offer SaaS software that are new rules that impact all online business that deal with US citizens that have recently gone into effect for 2015.

While we constantly keep out customer updated on these, we have not found anyone else putting this information out specifically on the major impact it has for those of you that are running or thinking about membership sites, continuity programs, or SaaS programs.

We had not planned on releasing this to anyone but our members, but having gotten several requests, we are going to make this synopsis available for download.

You don’t have to sign up for our update or anything like that to get it.  Just click her New Internet Rules For 2015-1 or on the image and you will be able to download it.

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