I am reading a book called ” Scaling Up” and it is one of those  “Get organized, get a plan, make a list books”.  I am not done with it yet, so I will reserve judgment on it.  But as a whole, while books like this can be helpful, most of the time they miss the fundamental point of the fact that nothing and I do mean nothing, happens until a sale is made period.

One of the mistakes I see made time and time again is that a lot of people and companies that we work with or that approach us anyway, seem to think that getting things organized first and foremost is the biggest hurdle to more success.

I can assure you that it is not.  It is about getting your product out there as fast as possible, to as many people as possible and focusing on making your clients happy, and making your product as good as you can, and last but not least, as simple as possible to get the job done…. Period.

Right after that is to make sure that you collect your money ASAP and that you have a continuity plan for your customers versus having to go chase chickens when you want an egg instead of providing a place for your chickens i.e. customers to keep laying them for you.

You product and your sales system may be a pile of manure and you may have it very well organized and documented, but it is still a pile of manure.

Figure out how to get your products and services in to a continuity/membership plan for your customers first.  Then if there is one book I would get and follow it is the “E Myth”.

Do those two things and you will be way ahead of the game.  Then perhaps you can be happy and spend as much time on the beach as you like.  It is much more fun than that manure pile. 🙂